Google Base Optimization For Online Merchants And Business Men

It was well – known with name of Froogle. If you have any product you can sale it online. If you use this service you will get more benefit like you should not have to waste your time after describing the product and showing in different way to the client if you will describe it online. And it is free too. Google tries to increase the usage of this service.

If you want to get improved results on the shopping search engines, try to optimize your service – you can post all your products with their detailed description and can find your listings on top with marketing it online.

There is a new chance for retailers who use online services to market their product or to sale them. It is also famous as the “Onebox” result. If you want to learn more about this enormous way to get targeted traffic to your site or listing of your products.

In recent times, Google has made more necessities on a basic level, but there may be added if your listings are within a specific product category:

o brand

o condition

o description

o expire date

o email-id

o image link

o link (on which you have described your product it should be site or listing of your product)

o price

o product type

o title

Reasonably, some merchants are disturbed with this. Since they have thousands of products which should have more detailed information, and some products should not have all of the essential fields (expiration date, for example).